Never know what you’re going to get in Gotham

Batman Arkham Knight launched last week and already within the first 1 hour of gameplay I have ran across two moments worth sharing with fellow nerds…
Diner Im Batman

This first one took place the exact moment you take control of the game. How could I pass up a guy in a Bat Cowl saying “I’m Batman”. I just couldn’t. I can only imagine how many of these moment I will come across in this game…

Move Batmobile

The next one came the first time you get to take control of the Batmobile. Needless to say, it seems like I followed the target a little too close. Of course Rocksteady prepared the game for such shenanigans providing an adequate screen caption for this very situation…

Stay tuned for more post worthly moments from Batman Arkham Knight in the coming weeks…

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