Smash Bros. for the Wii U Thoughts in Progress

Smas BrosUpdate #1 01.16.15: We have had the game for a week now and it is safe to say this this is the best Smash Bros. I have personally ever played. I still need more time to really flesh out my complete thoughts on the games, but I will kick things off with a list of my favorite things about this amazing Wii U title. Check out the list after the jump and check back frequently for more updates…

My few of my favorite things about Smash Bros. for the Wii U.

Favorite Character: So far this is Link, hands down. I haven’t experimented with all the character yet so this can still change, but so far he is the one I have the most fun with…

Favorite Gameplay Mode: 8 players smash! Sure this probably hurts my overall skills with the game, but the more the merrier. Even if your couch isn’t full, add a few CPU players and let the madness begin. This is the best thing to be added to Smash Bros. in a long, long time…

Favorite Stage: Honestly all the stages are great, but the flat, “Omega” version of the stages are preferred, especially when smashing with 8 players…

Original Post 01.12.15: We were fortunate enough to pick up Smash Bros for Wii U over this past weekend and the whole family is thoroughly enjoying it. I will be updating my thoughts on the game, its characters, aMiibo integration and how it plays as I get my hands on it more the next few weeks. Check back frequently to see what I think…

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