Bleep Bloop: 2015 Achievement Hunt Day 8

achievement unlocked

Day 8 became a Multi-Platform day for me as I snagged achievements from two different Xbox Platforms. I picked up another one of Gameloft’s FREE Windows Phone Games, Asphalt Overdrive and unlocked 4 quick achievements right off the bat. Then I jumped back into Destiny (as I so often do!) and FINALLY ended up on a decent, random Fireteam and managed to grab the Flawless Striker Achievement. That brought my total 5 achievement increase for the day to 55 Gamerscore. The most impressive achievement is featured below and the rest can be found after the jump…

January 8, 2015 Achievement Unlock(s)

XO Destiny - Flawless StrikerFlawless Striker (20): Complete a Strike without anyone in your fireteam dying

Safety First: Made a run without hitting anything

Vanity Plates: Buy a new license plate

Speed Freak: Drove at 230 km/h

Presto Change0: Drove at 260 km/h

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