Bleep Bloop: 2015 Xbox Achievement Hunt

achievement unlocked

2015 brings the start of a new year and a whole new goal for Achievement Progression. With so many platforms (Xbox 360/One, Windows Phone and Windows 8.1) that now support Xbox LIVE achievements, I am making it my personal goal to earn ATLEAST 1 achievement per day in the 2015 year. And, since I need to be doing something nerdy with this blog this year I will track my progress, hopefully daily and post specific achievements and their requirement to unlock here. Think you can keep up? I say game on!

This year started off with me being away from the Xbox One so it got kicked in Tentacles: Enter the Mind on my Windows Phone a for a total of 10 Gamerscore. The progress for the day can be found below…

January 1 2015 Achievement Unlock(s)

WP Tentacles ETM - Duck and CoverDuck and Cover: You held three rubber duckies at once!

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