Never know what you’re going to get in Gotham

Batman Arkham Knight launched last week and already within the first 1 hour of gameplay I have ran across two moments worth sharing with fellow nerds…
Diner Im Batman

This first one took place the exact moment you take control of the game. How could I pass up a guy in a Bat Cowl saying “I’m Batman”. I just couldn’t. I can only imagine how many of these moment I will come across in this game…

Move Batmobile

The next one came the first time you get to take control of the Batmobile. Needless to say, it seems like I followed the target a little too close. Of course Rocksteady prepared the game for such shenanigans providing an adequate screen caption for this very situation…

Stay tuned for more post worthly moments from Batman Arkham Knight in the coming weeks…

Smash Bros. for the Wii U Thoughts in Progress

Smas BrosUpdate #1 01.16.15: We have had the game for a week now and it is safe to say this this is the best Smash Bros. I have personally ever played. I still need more time to really flesh out my complete thoughts on the games, but I will kick things off with a list of my favorite things about this amazing Wii U title. Check out the list after the jump and check back frequently for more updates…

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Bleep Bloop: 2015 Achievement Hunt Day 8

achievement unlocked

Day 8 became a Multi-Platform day for me as I snagged achievements from two different Xbox Platforms. I picked up another one of Gameloft’s FREE Windows Phone Games, Asphalt Overdrive and unlocked 4 quick achievements right off the bat. Then I jumped back into Destiny (as I so often do!) and FINALLY ended up on a decent, random Fireteam and managed to grab the Flawless Striker Achievement. That brought my total 5 achievement increase for the day to 55 Gamerscore. The most impressive achievement is featured below and the rest can be found after the jump…

January 8, 2015 Achievement Unlock(s)

XO Destiny - Flawless StrikerFlawless Striker (20): Complete a Strike without anyone in your fireteam dying

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Bleep Bloop: 2015 Achievement Hunt Day 7

achievement unlocked

Day 7 was Windows Phone centered again. This seems like it may be forming a pattern lately. At least I have my trusty Nokia Lumia 928 around for times like these. I jumped back into Total Conquest and grabbed another 2 quick achievements for a total of 25 Gamerscore. The days most prominent achievement is featured below and the rest are listed after the jump…

January 7, 2015 Achievement Unlock(s)

WP Total Conquest - Historically AccurateDestroyer of Cities (15): Destroy 20 City Halls

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Bleep Bloop: 2015 Achievement Hunt Day 5

achievement unlocked

Day 5 turned out to be a Windows Phone only day. I did pick up a new game to try out. Gameloft recently updated Total Conquest with Xbox LIVE/Achievement Support and made it an instant download for me. Gameloft recently updated quite a few of their FREE titles to add Xbox LIVE/Achievement support, so I suspect to be grabbing some achievements in a lot of them in the near future.

January 5, 2015 Achievement Unlock(s)

WP Total Conquest - Here Comes the NeigborhoodHere Comes the Neighborhood (10): Build 2 Villas

Bleep Bloop: 2015 Achievement Hunt Day 4

achievement unlocked

The 2015 Achievement Hunt introduced me to a new title this week, Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 on the Xbox One. This episodic title surprised me, I picked it up on a Xbox Live Gold sale and enjoyed it much more than I anticipated I would. Nailed my achievement for the day and called it quits for now. I will be finishing up this episode though for sure…

January 4, 2015 Achievement Unlock(s)

XO Tales from the Borderlands - Welcome to PandoraTales from the Borderlands – Episode 1: Zer0 Sum – Welcome to Pandora, Kiddos (20): Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 1

Bleep Bloop: 2015 Achievement Hunt Day 3

achievement unlocked

As the 2015 Achievement Hunt continues I have realized that I still play a TON of Destiny on Xbox One. Luckily I was able to knock off my Achievement for the day playing my favorite game of 2014! Afterwards, I managed to pick up three more in Tentacles: Enter the Mind on my Windows Phone. The day ended with a total of 60 Gamerscore. My favorite Achievement of the day is featured below and the rest are listed after the jump…

January 3, 2015 Achievement Unlock(s)

XO Destiny - Fully WeaponizedDestiny – Fully Weaponized (30):Fully upgrade a Legendary weapon

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Bleep Bloop: 2015 Achievement Hunt Day 2

achievement unlocked

The 2015 Achievement Hunt continues and Day 2 introduced me to a new game. At least new to me as I tried out Watch_Dogs on the Xbox One for the very first time. Knocked off 1 achievement for a total of 15 Gamerscore. A very special thanks goes out to my wife and kids for this Christmas gift. Todays progress can be found below…

January 2, 2015 Achievement Unlock(s)

XO Watch_Dogs - Hello WorldWatch_Dogs – Hello World (15) : Take down Maurice

Bleep Bloop: 2015 Xbox Achievement Hunt

achievement unlocked

2015 brings the start of a new year and a whole new goal for Achievement Progression. With so many platforms (Xbox 360/One, Windows Phone and Windows 8.1) that now support Xbox LIVE achievements, I am making it my personal goal to earn ATLEAST 1 achievement per day in the 2015 year. And, since I need to be doing something nerdy with this blog this year I will track my progress, hopefully daily and post specific achievements and their requirement to unlock here. Think you can keep up? I say game on!

This year started off with me being away from the Xbox One so it got kicked in Tentacles: Enter the Mind on my Windows Phone a for a total of 10 Gamerscore. The progress for the day can be found below…

January 1 2015 Achievement Unlock(s)

WP Tentacles ETM - Duck and CoverDuck and Cover: You held three rubber duckies at once!